Sweet & Fortified



Senoria de Sarria Moscatel, Navarra

Also known as Muscat, Moscatel is one of the world’s least appreciated sweet wines and is a particular speciality of Spain. This is floral & grapey and delicious with or as a dessert.


Barbeito Boal Madeira Reserva, Madeira

If you think that Madeira is only for your Granny, it’s time to think again. Sweet nutty and such good value, this was made for salty blue cheese.


Krohn LBV Port 2004, Douro

A classic LBV port from this excellent Dutch house, showing typical characteristics of fig, damson & dark plum.


El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez (PX)

Produced by drying the grapes to concentrate the natural sugars, PX sherries are some of the richest, most decadently sweet wines in the world. Think prunes, dates, treacle & caramel.


Capricho de Goya

Seven year aged swwet dark luscious wine from Navarra, like pudding in a glass.



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